Amazon Employee Training

Amazon has partnered with Ancora Training to offer the CDL Network.

This is a first of its kind opportunity for Amazon Associates to earn a CDL, wherever they live and work.

If you are looking to earn a CDL with your Career Choice benefit, the first step is to see if there are current options near where you are.

  • * Click on 'Find by Location' or 'Browse the map'.
  • * If there is a location near you, simply follow the steps to indicate your interest and begin the enrollment journey.
  • * If there is not a current option near you, simply click on the button that says "Unable to find a location'. Provide us your contact information and we will contact you shortly and begin the process of securing a spot for you with a provider near you.
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Ancora believes in the value of education and the importance of continuing to learn skills, even while actively employed. That is why we are a proud Amazon Career Choice partner.