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Training Locations

Searching for a Training Location
Use the filters below to select a cdl training location. You may choose to search by state, zip code and or dedicated Amazon Fullfillment locations.
  • Classes that are dedicated to Amazon Associates and at locations closed to the public are marked with an . Locations that are CDL Netowrk partner schools that are open to Amazon Associates and the general public are marked with an .
  • If you opt to attend at a designated Amazon Career Choice location near you, please click on the icon on the map, indicate your preferred start date, and begin the enrollment process.
  • If there is a CDL Network school near you, please click on that icon and follow the directions to begin your enrollment journey.
  • If there are no current options near you, please click on 'Unable to find a location', provide your contact information, and we will reach out to you to begin the process of finding a local provider for your CDL training.
 Dedicated cohort for Amazon Associates    Open to the public and Amazon Associates